E district

Mumbai or Bombay whichever way you like to call it is a city of stardust and millions of dreams as they say. The financial capital of India, Mumbai has carved e district a specific place for itself on the map of the world. A conglomerate of seven islands, this city got its present name – Mumbai in 1996, earlier it was known as Bombay, the name given to it by the British. The never say die spirit and never ending energy of Mumbai has earned it an epithet of the ‘City which Never Sleeps’.

A gateway to India for the ships from the west, Mumbai truly present the people with the real picture of India. A cocktail of people from all over the country make it a mini India. Mumbai can also be reached through air, rail and road. If you are traveling by air, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the city’s connecting point with the world. This Mumbai Airport provides air network to the city of Mumbai with international as well as national destinations.

Whether you are on Mumbai travel for business purpose or are exploring Mumbai city from sheer tourists’ point of view, you will not be disappointed. Mumbai, India offers umpteen opportunities in all areas.

Mumbai Map is the best guide to the roads and travel destinations of the Mumbai city. Just embark on Mumbai travel and you will find Mumbai city unraveling its zillions of colours to you. This fast moving Mumbai city has something on palette for people of every taste.

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